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Nabi (Islam) - Prophet who brings tidings from the invisible world.
Nafs (Islam) - The soul between the body (jism) and the spirit or intellect (ruh or aql).
Nagara (Sikhism) - A kettledrum found in some gurdwaras and introduced by Guru Hargobind to be beaten when langar food is ready. It also symbolises royal authority.
Nakula (Hinduism) - A younger Pandava brother.
Nam or Naam (Sikhism) - The name of God. It is the central task of rememberance of God through meditation on Gods name. The word means name.
Nam Japna, Kirt Karna, Vand Chakna (Sikhism) - The three central requirements for Sikhs of meditation on God's name, honest work, and giving to charity.
Nam simran (Sikhism) - Meditation upon the Name so that one attains God realisation.
Nanak Panthi (Sikhism) - A follower of Guru Nanak.
Narada (Hinduism) - The divine musician and sage and devotee to Krishna.
Nevi'im (Judaism) - Second section of the Jewish Bible containing the prophetic writings.
Nihang (Sikhism) - An order that follows the soldier lifestyle of Guru Gobind Singh. Followers wear blue robes and reject household comforts.
Nirankar (Sikhism) - A name of God meaning no physical form. See nurguna.
Nirguna (Sikhism) - Like nirankar this is about God meaning without form or material attributes. God is beyond human knowledge and comprehension.
Nirmana-kaya (Buddhism) - The manifestation body of a Buddha on the earth. There are many Buddhas and the main one with all aspects is Shakyamuni Buddha, according to various Tibetans.
Nirvana (Buddhism, Hinduism) (Pali: nibbana) - The point of arrival at the pure state where there is no more attachment: no greed, hate and delusion. Samsara is ended. In Hinduism the meaning is related to Moksha: No further separateness of the soul (nir, vana, out, to blow; that is blowout).
nirvikalpa samadhi (Hinduism) - Pure state of awareness beyond all dualities and within God.
Nishan sahib (Sikhism) - Sikh flag flown over a gurdwara.
Nitnem (Sikhism) - Nitnem are daily prayers. In the morning these are the Japji of Guru Nanak, and Jap and Ten Swayyas of Guru Gobind Singh; at sunset they are Rahiras, a collection of nine hymns by Guru Nanak, Guru Amar Das and Guru Arjun; and before bed the Kirtan Sohila, five hymns also by Guru Nanak, Guru Amar Das and Guru Arjun. See sodar.
Nonconformist (Christianity) - A Protestant Christian who does not conform to the form of worship, organisation and belief contained in the Book of Common Prayer.
Nun (Buddhism, Christianity) - A woman who has taken vows and become a member of a religious community.

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